A Truly Active Lifestyle

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I don’t know about you, but I have come across TONS of articles about how we (human beings) need to move more.  Even those of us who exercise on a regular basis.  These articles claim that the key to health is living an active lifestyle.  And this is more than just your 30-60 minutes of daily intentional exercise.

I am totally on board with what these articles are stating.  An “active lifestyle” is just that…active.  Not active for 1 out of 24 hours but as many of the 24 hours as possible.  Even the small simple movements can make your training for Pretty Muddy easier!

The issue for me is figuring out how to stay active.  Like many people, I have a desk job.  This means I get to work around 8 every morning, and I work until 5:30 pm.  At my desk.  All day long.  And trust me, I know what it’s like to have no energy and feel drained after working eight to ten hours, but it’s important!  Right?!

So in an effort to live a more active lifestyle, I spent a little time brainstorming ways to weave activity into simple daily tasks.  Here are some random ideas I came up with:

  •          Wake up and stretch for a few minutes.  Maybe even walk in place.
  •          Park far away from the entrance of any building you are about to enter (work, grocery store, mall, etc.).
  •          Take the stairs whenever possible.
  •          Do planks during commercial breaks.
  •          Play music while cooking dinner and dance.
  •          Walk around when talking on the phone instead of sitting.
  •          Find the restroom farthest from your office and use it versus the closer one.
  •          Get up from your desk every 30 minutes to stretch and walk in place.
  •          Instead of using a chair at work, sit on a stability ball.
  •          Go for after dinner walks.
  •          Turn boring chores into fun challenges.  For example, when folding laundry, do a squat for every piece of clothing you have to fold.

Just remember…


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