Boosting Cardio & Building Strength, the Pretty Muddy way!

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Hey there pretty ladies!

We’re all a few weeks into the new year, which means we should all be settled into our routines and over the post-holiday blues. I love to use this time of year to concentrate on my health and treating my body well. Not because I made some big elaborate New Year’s Resolution, but just because it is something to focus on for the few months out of the year when life seems to slow down a bit. And the fact that bikini season is right around the corner doesn’t hurt either.

Living in Texas, the best way to beat the scorching summer heat is to hit up a pool or the lake, and we definitely spend most of our time out in the boat or in some kind of water from May to September. This means a lot of time in a swim suit!

Training for a race like Pretty Muddy is a great way to get your health in check and motivate you to be the best YOU you can be! I’ve got a great workout to share with you today that will hopefully help boost your cardio endurance as well as build strong muscles to help you plow through all of the fun and muddy course challenges that you’ll encounter during the race.


No equipment needed and you can do this one anywhere! I like to drive over to the park by my office and do this on my lunch break. There is a 1/2 mile trail surrounding the park, so I will run half, stop for strength, run half, stop for strength, repeat x4.

For more workouts and low calorie, healthy recipes to get you Pretty Muddy and summer ready, head on over to my blog at and good luck!

Author: Ashlee

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