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If asked 10 years ago whether or not I would ever consider myself a Pretty Muddy runner or even an avid exerciser, I promise you the answer would have been “no” with an accompanying laugh.  Boy how things have changed!

Not only do I love to run and get my sweat on, I love all the fun gear that comes with it.  Over the years I’ve come to call my collection my exercise essentials.  In order for any workout to be successful, I NEED all of these things!  Not only do they make sweating a pleasant experience, but they also make it comfortable (as can be) and fun.

So here are my exercise essentials:

  1. Headband – My headband is my saving grace when it comes to keeping stray hairs away from my face.  I think it’s near impossible for me to work out without it.
  2. Running socks – I bought a package of specialty running socks after hearing a friend rave about them.  Nothing fancy, just good old Champion socks.  They give my feet the extra support they need.
  3. Runner’s belt – When I head outside for a run, I hate carrying my keys in my hands.  It is so uncomfortable and annoying.  And that is the exact reason why I bought a runners belt.  It is inconspicuous and fits tightly around my waist without creating extra bulk.  If you want to experience hands-free runs, I highly recommend you add a runner’s belt to your exercise essentials.
  4. iPhone armband – This is nothing new.  I think everyone has one of these!  Believe it or not, I used to be a “carry my phone in my hands” kind of girl.  My husband thought I should get with the times and bought me an armband!  Between this and the runner’s belt, I honestly feel like my runs are a lot less restricted.
  5. A good pair of running shoes – This one is blatantly obvious, but I think it is important to stress how key a good pair of running shoes is.  I ran in shoes that were 100% wrong for my feet for years, and I paid for that poor decision with a bad knee.  Thankfully, I went to a running store and told them about my issues. They were able to get me into a pair of shoes meant for my feet, and soon, the pain disappeared.  Never again will I go back to any old pair of shoes!
  6. Running shorts and a tank top – This is my summer workout uniform.  Nothing beats a good pair of running shorts and a tank top.  Nothing!

Now that I think about it, I wore/used the majority of my exercise essentials during my Pretty Muddy run!  I take the majority of the above everywhere I go.

While I am a self-motivated person, knowing I have good gear to carry me through my workouts makes exercising 10x more fun.  I am a huge advocate for doing whatever it takes to make exercise a routine thing, so come up with your own essentials and get sweating!

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