Finding Inspiration


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One of the lessons life has taught me over the last several years is that you need to be open to inspiration from all places.

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of a great night of sleep. Other times it comes from seeing moms, just like me, finding the energy to work out.
Especially mother runners. I mean, it completely blows my mind to see moms training for races — especially marathons! How do y’all do it!?

After I had my first (and only, up until this point) baby in October 2012, I committed myself to do all that I could in regards to training for races. Races like Pretty Muddy inspired me to lace up, get out there, and hit the pavement.

I’ve successfully ran more miles & times in the last 9 months than I have in my entire life. And the biggest difference between now and before? Now I enjoy it! I even look forward to it!

But I’m human. I still have moments where I struggle to lace up and get moving. And in those moments, all I have to do is look at my Twitter and Instagram feed; all I have to do is pay a quick visit to a favorite blog or two; and then I’m ready to hit the ground running. In those moments I find inspiration from people like you! Women sharing their successes and their struggles — it means everything to me to be able to find motivation with you.

And for that I thank you.


Author: Rachel

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