My Running Favorites {Friday Favorites}

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A lot of people will claim to just need a pair of shoes, and they run just fine. I wish I was like them, but when I am setting off on a run, I know I need some more to bring with me! I thought today I would share my favorites to use while running, and give you some ideas of what you should try out and maybe think about using before you attack your next Pretty Muddy race!

Top 10 Running Essentials


Please remember these are the things that work for me the best. You might (and probably will) have different favorites. Play along in the comments and share your favorite accessory for running!


Running Must Haves #FitFluential #SweatPink


1. Headbands- Last but not least, I need a good headband! I need them to keep my hair back and not fall out because those drive me nuts! I use BAMR bands a lot, or a few from Marshall’s, too. I have a few from BIC Bands, too, which are great!

2. Arm Band- I could use a new one of these, but this one still works! I am able to use my phone through the screen, so I don’t have to take it out all the time. I am always afraid to drop my phone when I run and hold it, so this way I feel more comfortable.

2. With the arm band, I take headphones. If I am running on a secluded trail, early in the morning, late in the evening, or just without many people around, I typically don’t use them. If I do, it’s only one ear just so I can hear my surroundings.4. Tank Top or T Shirt- These also have to be Dri-Fit material. I like wear tank tops, but will wear T-shirts if I need to. Lately, I’ve been wearing arm sleeves with tank tops, and then just pulling them down when I get hot. It’s a win win.

5. Wrist pocket- I use this for my keys. I hate hate hate carrying keys, so I put them in this little pocket I got from Marshall’s and then forget about them!

6. Brooks Ghost 6 Shoes- These are my new favorite shoes! I love how they feel and how much better my runs are with them on.

7. SMART Water- This goes along with #1, but because my electrolytes get screwed up during runs, I have to drink at least half of this before going running. I know you are probably thinking you could never run with that much water chugged right before. Believe me, I used to think the same thing (and hear this all the time!). In the end, though, my body needs the electrolytes, and uses them to where I don’t even notice I have extra water in me! haha I drink this before I go running, though, so I don’t need to bring it with me (unless it’s really warm and fountains aren’t along the way on a long run).

8. Shot Bloks- Mountain Berry is my favorite flavor! I take one before my runs as it helps keep my Colitis under control. If I am running 6 or more miles, I start taking one every 2-3 miles, too.

9. Feetures! Socks- I can’t run without these on my feet. I do wash just so I can have them for my runs. I can’t even explain how they make my feet feel, but it’s amazing, haha.

10.  Shorts- Last but not least… I am a shorts girl. I would rather wear shorts than pants or capris. Some capris I do love, but there are many that annoy me more than anything. I don’t have favorite shorts, but typically any that are a bit flowy, but have a drawstring that I can pull tighter work for me. Oh, they have to be Dri-Fit, too.

Those are the typical things I am wearing or bringing with my on my runs! If you have any other questions, let me know! I love sharing my favorites!

What are your favorites this Friday?

Your one must have for your run?

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