(Pretty)Muddy Meals: 4 Scrumptious Ways to Eat Honey Almond Butter + Recipe

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Hi Pretty Ladies!

It’s the first week after a very thankful Thanksgiving for all of us, and I’m sure most are ready to get back into their fitness and diet routines after taking a long weekend off to enjoy some (in my case, a LOT of :-) holiday sweets.  It can be difficult for some of us to curb our sweet tooth even once the holidays are over, and finding healthier alternatives that we’ll truly enjoy can be challenging. I’ve recently discovered a new love for almonds and have been enjoying Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds by the bagful! TJ’s is also where I like to purchase almond butter, but when I’m in the mood for something a little sweeter, I like to whip up a special batch of my own Honey Almond Butter. And with 1 cup of Almonds providing more than 20 grams of protein, there’s no shame in going NUTS for this healthy pre or post-run treat! Looking for ways to vary your almond intake? Here are 4 creative ideas:

1.) Slather on as a Smooth and Creamy Spread: An all time favorite! Take a few graham or savory crackers, whole grain bread, wheat tortilla, or multi-grain pita and pile high for some delicious munchies.

2.) Dunk and Dip with Fruit or Veggies: Slice or dice up some juicy fruit or crisp veggies for a dippin’ good time! Combined with some strawberries, apples, celery, or bananas for a super filling snack.

3.)  Make it a Mix-In: A great morning accompaniment, pairing almond butter with oatmeal or in a smoothie, will surely leave your tummy ultra satisfied until it’s time to break for lunch.

4.) Spontaneously Spoon-It: Remember those carefree days as a kid when you’d come home from school, rummage through the cabinets and pull out a jar of your fave, grab a big spoon and just slop up a big SCOOP?  Well, there’s nothing like taking a big hunk (or more!) of creamy almond butter goodness and just going for it!


Honey Almond Butter Recipe :


14 oz of salted roasted almonds
3 Tbps of neutral oil (preferably canola)
Organic Honey (to taste)


1. Throw almonds in Vitamix (or other high powered blender) Make sure to start off with a low setting.

2. Add oil while scraping blended almonds off sides of blender. Occasionally start increasing setting/speed as almonds start to become a creamy buttery texture.

3. Gradually add additional oil if wanted/ needed (for creaminess)

4. Add honey to taste, blend for 10-15 seconds

And that’s it! Try this at home- it won’t disappoint!


Yours in Mud & Fun,

Raisa Lefe’




Author: Raisa Lefe' Rouse